Water for Life.

Four people die per minute due to lack of water. Water, something that we take for granted, is worth more than money or goods. Water is Life!

Clean water means health. Ironically, water is also a source of death. Diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid and various parasites spread through impure water. Every day, 6,000 people die worldwide due to the lack of clean water; This is four people per minute...

Project approach water for life

The Water for Life Project of GAiN (Global Aid Network) helps by providing clean water in (dry) areas. This not only saves lives, but also stimulates the local economy. Agricultural land can be irrigateed and cattle consumed. It is a relatively simple and effective solution for a better life. GAiN Water for Life has now drilled nearly 1500 deepwater springs since 2005. This means living changing clean water for 1.5 million people.

Plan of approach

A new water pump gives on average 1,000 people access to clean water nearby. A pump improves the health of the villagers and provides time savings so that children can go to school and more work and can be acted on. In Many villages, this is the beginning of an economic revival. Water is also a spearhead of Dutch development policy.

2.5 billion people have insufficient hygiene due to lack of water. Much misery can be avoided. The supply of clean drinking water breaks through the cycle of suffering and death and gives life!
The Water for Life project has a positive effect in Benin, Togo and Tanzania. In Asia, a number of smaller projects have already been successfully completed. In cooperation with the churches, one speaks to the community and builds up a relationship. This extends the life of the project with a higher acceptance rate. In the run-up and during the Water for Life project There is a strong testimony. It shows something of compassion and demonstrates commitment to help less-favored people. The community is physically helped, but we also offer the living water.

Success factors.

It is a large-scale and continuous ongoing project | GAiN is not boring but here a number of wells but has concluded contracts with the governments of a number of countries and has a long-term commitment. At the same time, GAiN works through local people. They facilitate the process, from orientation to maintenance. Adequate research | A team of specialists examines the quality of the water and various drilling locations per village. Qualitative Sources | The project uses well-trained technicians in the countries concerned. Training | People from the village are given the opportunity to ' manage ' the source and also a local ecclesiastical church is equipped to testify and provide spiritual aftercare.

Global cost of a water source.

Many thousands of villages still need clean water. But the speed with which we can provide help depends partly on the available finances. For each source about a thousand people are provided with clean water. A resource costs globally €7500,-including all aftercare.

Durable by good aftercare system

The projects of GAiN Water for Life are characterised by sustainability. Each source is transferred to the leaders of the local population upon completion. A chosen group of administrators will be given a training to maintain the pump. All residents can always get clean and safe water at a jointly agreed fee. The compensation is used for the maintenance of the pump so that the operation remains long-lasting. This makes the village independent of outsiders for its water supply. For more difficult repairs, regional mechanics have been trained to be able to jump up – for a fee. Furthermore, it remains possible to enlist the help of the local employees of GAiN because, because of the ongoing nature of our work, they are still a long time ' away '.

Clean drinking water is vital!

Help realize

We invite you to contribute to the realization of such a water project. Help US worldwide to provide people with clean drinking water, but also of the living water!

Come in action

You can contribute in various ways to Water for Life: Adopt a village or pump | We will keep you informed of the developments around the source that is drilled with your money. That way, you are really involved in the project and you will see what such a sustainable project brings about, both physically and socially and spiritually. Invite us to a presentation | We like to tell you about our (water) projects in which people change lives. Various actions | In several ways you can support GAiN, as an individual or together with others.
Crowdfunding: Actively join or sponsor an action for GAiN Water for Life from someone else and challenge your family and acquaintances to sponsor too. or organize a marketplace action, house-to-house (oil bulbs) Sales, sponsor loop or.... Financial support | You can donate in several ways; With IDEAL, via an authorization or by making yourself money.

More info

Get into contact with the project leader: Freek de Vries.