Relief goods & transportation.

Thousands of people have lost everything through natural violence, war or other threats; their home, their clothing, their dignity.

The GAiN distribution warehouse in Sleeuwijk is the place where clothing and (depreciated) goods are collected, sorted and stored. With a small truck most of the goods are collected from all over the Netherlands and with the big black trailer the goods get a second destination.

What does GAiN collects?

GAiN collects more than clothing, bedding and incontinence material in it. Individuals can bring all goods at a clothing collection point. Read the full list. Large quantities or interesting parties can come to collect themselves. Please contact the Logistics Department.

Looking for clothing collection points.

We are constantly looking for people who want to run a clothing collection point. The requirements are not extensive; a clean, dry area of at least 10 M2 is already sufficient. A garage, barn or a place where a GAiN-clothing container can stand is perfectly suitable.

Contact with companies.

Storage of goods often takes time and money. GAiN has a lot of contacts with Dutch suppliers and companies who want to get rid of (rest) parties. We pick up the goods and look for a good destination. The supplier is happy to get rid of it, the recipient happy with the help and GAiN thinks it's great that we can mediate in this. Want to know more about corporate social responsibility?!

Transport of goods.

Goods are often brought to Eastern Europe, for example to Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Slovenia. Recently, the aid has been transported to refugee camps in Greece (Thessaloniki and Lesvos) and Serbia. Companies regularly sponsor the fuel costs or borrow a truck. Drivers share for free their experience and driving license to be available to make a ride of often more than five days. We are always looking for both sponsors and drivers.