Refugee aid

The refugee stream keeps on. There is a lot of (invisible) suffering that touches us. We are closely following developments and are trying to respond with appropriate help. We do not want to be just a spectator, but also to show our faith in this situation, by deeds. We do this, among other things, with help trips and auxiliary transports. You can help too!

Current situation

Currently offers GAiN assistance to refugees in Iraq, Greece and Serbia. To Greece and Serbia we organise assistance trips in which the participants offer practical assistance to refugees, for example through the distribution of auxiliary goods and through child labour. Regularly transports with auxiliary goods are organised to the different camps.


From the spring of 2016 the focus of our refugee aid was on Thessaloniki, near the Greek-Macedonian border. Every month we organize help trips to this area to help with distribution, child work and encouragement. Initially, we offered this aid in refugee camp Idomeni, where some 15,000 refugees stayed. After the camp was cleared, we were going to offer help in various organized camps, so-called ' hotspots '.
This help is possible through our collaboration with a local church and Agape colleagues.


Refugee aid in Serbia came to an end 2015, when our help was asked by a pastor. Many refugees arrived on a daily basis near the Serbian-Croatian border. We organised various auxiliary transports and four auxiliary trips. In the spring of 2016, the flow of refugees seemed to dry slowly, as Macedonia closed its borders. However, at the end of the year it appeared that our help anyway was needed again and desired. That is why we are offering refugee aid again in Serbia. We combine these tours with the awarding to the poor Roma population in the area and the homeless in Belgrade.

What can you do?

To get involved in the assistance to refugees you can:

  • Go on a trip: GAiN organizes monthly help trips.
  • Give a donation: can be donated in the following manner:
    • donations in goods of any kind
    • make a financial contribution
  • Please contact us about your ideas!

Love-Europe, app for refugees

The Love Europe app for refuges is available for both IPhone and Android smartphone. The app helps you (as a refugee or as a refugee helper) in Europe to find that information you need most, both on the road and in your new place where you will stay. First of all, the app helps with information about locations such as AZC (Asylum centre), free WiFi locations, public transport, hospitals, etc. As a second, you can find interesting events specially organised for or by refugees such as language café, sport and culture. You'll also find a collection of informative videos that help you get acquainted with the new country you are in, such as language and culture.