Wars, disasters, natural violence, the news items are full of them. GAiN helps by providing (emergency) help, among others through the disaster team DART.


Dart means Disaster Assistance and Response Team. This team will be in action after fierce (natural) disasters. Depending on the disaster location and available staff, an international team is assembled. The team consists of capable people who make their time available.  For more information on DART look at www.dartgain.eu.


Annually, large and small disasters occur worldwide, with an average of around 250 million casualties. GAiN is active in emergency response and is 24/7 ready. When a disaster occurs, the GAiN directors decide which action to follow. It then goes to ask if: Does GAiN help? Which country is leading? Does gain help through partners or does gain itself take action? 

From emergency aid to structural aid

DART provides first aid, distributes (emergency) tools and enumerates what is needed. Then, through actions and donations, funds are made available to provide assistance. If it is possible to provide long-term assistance, a multiannual and reconstruction plan is being drawn up. 

Experience with emergency services

Meanwhile, GAiN has a lot of experience with emergency relief. GAiN is connected to a worldwide network in 190 countries and often collaborates with local churches and organizations. As a result, GAiN can provide help in areas with the most critical needs.