Mission trips

In connection with the COVID-19 crisis, GAiN Europe has decided that no Mission Trips will take place until August 2020.

Each trip will be communicated individually with the participants who have already the status: booked.

All application forms are closed until further notice.

For questions, please contact our travel department at trips@gainhelpt.nu or through your tour guide. You can find this number in your travel information.

GAiN Holland - mission trips - is closely related to partners and churches around the globe. We like to 'join forces' with partners to get the max result. Our aim is to help and serve people in need and to bring them 'in person' the love and care of Jesus Christ our saviour. We would like you to share our passion - join us on a life changing mission trip!.

- Serving means: giving a part of yourself: Time, effort, money, pain and strain, emotion, love, hope and attention.
- Helpingis let them know: We haven't forgotten about you, you are priceless. And in return you will experience that you are valuable to others!
- Recieving: Love, satisfaction, a different perspective on the problems of other people, getting connected with people, get to know remarcable people in person.

To be continued: meet yourself, pushing boundaries, meet God in the adventure, to be a part of miracles that occur, let your view and perspective of the world be changed.


Upcoming trips: