Gain involvement.

In November 2015, gain Nederland started to be actively involved in helping refugees in Greece. This began in Idomeni, a transit camp at the Greek-Macedonian border, and later shifted to various camps around Thessaloniki. 
Since May 2017, our help in Greece has been completely focused on Lesvos, where about 8,500 migrants and refugees are housed, roughly divided over two camps, Moria and Kara Tepe, and a number of separate places. 
The refugees come mainly from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Congo, but also from several other (African) countries; 77 different countries in total.

Current situation.

GAiN works mainly in Camp Moria, which is now notorious for its miserable conditions and grim atmosphere. According to the latest statistics Moria is currently a ' home ' for more than 6,600 refugees, while the camp has the capacity for only 2,300 people. Previously stayed in the camp mainly many men and boys, but since summer 2017 there are also many families, women and children reported. The camp is full, there is a shortage of sleeping places, blankets, clothing and sanitary facilities; Thousands of families are stuck under terrible conditions and without prospect in the crowded camp Moria, where the situation is unleashed in inhumane and unbearable. 
Through our partner organization, GAiN provides concrete, practical assistance to desperate and vulnerable people fleeing in the form of sending various auxiliary goods such as clothing, blankets, tents and diapers.

You too can make a difference! Donate or go on a trip.

Our partner is dependent on volunteers for the daily activities in the camp. You can help in handing out / sorting of clothing and auxiliary goods, housing of refugees, answering questions, daily chores, cleaning and organizing activities.

Invest in a refugee and you will return home with a different mindset, as a changed person.