About GAIN

About GAiN

GAiN helps people who are in need, urgently or for a long time, to answer basic needs and, together with our partners, to give them the opportunity to build a future. We do this in a practical way, with heart and hands.

Five goals

GAiN offers worldwide relief and is able to respond quickly by offering emergency relief in case of a human or natural disaster when international relief is needed. GAiN partners projects in more than forty countries and we work worldwide with more than ten thousand volunteers. We structured our work within the following five goals:

  • Mission trips: special and inspiring trips for both young and older people. You can help in a practical way, far away or close by, for example by doing child ministry, building, encouraging refugees or doing social activities. 
  • Relief goods & Distribution: In our distribution center we collect and sort relief goods. We do regularly send these relief goods by transporting them to Eastern Europe or disaster areas. 
  • Disaster relief: Whenever there is a disaster, GAiN can help by offering disaster relief and reconstruction. GAiN also has a DART team that can offer assistance. This team is specialized in offering emergency relief after a disaster and trauma relief. 
  • Development aid: Through local churches and organizations we offer longterm aid, usually to marginalized groups in the society. We aim to work on a hopeful future. 
  • Water for Life: Millions of people suffer a lack of clean (drinking)water. GAiN bores deep water wells in African villages. By doing this GAiN gives people access to clean (drinking)water. At the same time GAiN shares access to the ‘Living water’.


GAiN implements their mission and vision by mobilizing people, collecting relief goods and recourses and to applicate this to our own projects and to support other projects. With this GAiN focuses on development cooperation for the longer term as well as offering disaster relief.


The work of the foundation GAiN is possible because of the donations that we receive. 90% of the donations goes to the goals of the organization. The other 10% is deducted for overhead like communication, fundraising and for organizing. The director of GAiN as well as the main part of the associates raise their own income through partners. GAiN doesn’t have a permanent office. Staff members work mainly through digital media, which is quite uninque. Learn more? Please cpntact us.

Short history

GAiN internationally was formed in 1990 from a cooperation of several similar international organizations, They kept working independently but named themselves GAiN, referring to the big network that they are. GAiN currently has eleven offices, is active in more than forty countries and is worldwide rich on more than 10.000 volunteers. Throughout the years goods and finances have been distributed worth about hundreds of millions of euros. Since 2008 GAiN is also represented in the Netherlands. Here we have eighteen staff members and almost two hundred volunteers.

GAiN Netherlands is the humanitarian partner of Agapè Netherlands (the Dutch name for Cru, formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ) - website is in Dutch omly.

GAiN is located in Australia, Canada, Germany, England, Philippines, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, USA, South Korea and Switserland. GAiN Worldwide.

Working with GAiN

We are always looking for people who want to be involved in the Kingdom of God. On the following page you will find an overview of our current vacancies. Do you find you expertise not on our website, but you do think you can add something valuable, please contact us.